Directions to Konz
Konz is situated about 5 miles south-west of Trier. If you are travelling by car, take the motorway to Trier, then follow the signs to Konz (B-51), to the academy follow the signs to "Kloster Karthaus". By train:  there are plenty of connections from Trier, Luxembourg, and Koblenz. From Cologne you ought to travel via Trier. Travelling from Frankfurt you may well travel via Koblenz  to Trier/Konz. From Paris it would be best to go via Metz-Luxembourg, and if you are travelling from Brussels you should go via Luxembourg. There are various railway stations in Konz and the closest station to the St. Bruno Convent would be  Konz-Karthaus. Connections from the airports: from Frankfurt-Hahn you should take the shuttle-bus to Trier. If you are travelling from Luxembourg you can take the bus to Trier or go to the central railway station and then catch the train to Konz/Trier. From Frankfurt am Main you can go via Koblenz to Trier/Konz by train, and if you are travelling from Cologne/ Bonn you should go to the central station of Cologne or Bonn, then get the train to Trier/Konz. From Brussels you ought to proceed to the city centre, then take the train to Luxembourg, changing towards Konz/Trier.
We are likely to pick up the new participants at the railway stations and even at the airports.

Beethovenstrasse 29
D-54329 Konz/Germany